Chimney Caps 

Chimney caps help protect the flue from outside elements and pests. Water, ice and snow will damage a flue tile(s) or flue system over time. Screened caps have become the standard because they keep animals from making your flue system their home. This can cause flues to become extremely dangerous as products of combustion are not being vented properly. No one wants an unexpected visitor in their home through the chimney flue!

Caps range from $175.00 to $250.00 installed. 

Chimney caps vary in size and material depending on your need. Chimney Caps are made of galvanized metal, aluminum, copper and stainless steel. There are single flue caps or custom-made caps that fit over the entire chimney. Copper and custom-made caps contain additional costs.

Top-Sealing Damper/Chimney Cap

Top-sealing dampers are the answer when there is no damper, or the current damper system is too damaged to repair. They help keep heat and energy in, rain and animals out. When the fireplace is not being operated this type of damper site siminsagh seals off the flue so there are virtually no air leaks up or down the chimney.

Damper Repair 

Frequently damper problems are from a pin or hinge that has become dislodged and can often be ordered & replaced. If the damage to the damper system is extensive, we recommend a Top-Sealing damper. Most of the time the damage to the damper systems is from water entering the flue from not having a chimney cap.

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