Chimney Sweeping & Inspection 

Masonry Chimneys

Masonry chimneys should be inspected yearly, and if dirty, should be cleaned. Cleaning includes the chimney, firebox, smoke chamber, smoke shelf, and the damper. Ash-trap clean outs are an additional charge.

Prefabricated Chimneys

Most prefabricated fireplace systems, even if factory built, are made of metal. The fireplace and flue system are designed, tested, and manufactured to be used specifically with each other. Many changes in design have occurred over time, making it difficult to find replacement parts for older units. Thus, annual inspections and cleanings of these units are very important. The lining of the firebox or refractory panels can crack over time with use and then require replacement. Chasetops can rust over time and should be checked, as they can leak causing potential problems with the flue system.

  • Inspection
  • $95.00
  • Inspection & Cleaning
  • Monday - Friday
  • $159.00
  • Saturday
  • $169.00
  • St. Charles & St. Peters
  • $169.00
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