Dryer Vent Cleaning

  • Dryer Vent Cleaning
  • $159.00*
  • Increase the life of your dryer
  • Go Green! Reduce electric costs
  • Improve Safety and Efficiency
  • Prevent Carbon Monoxide emissions from your gas dryer

The Consumer Product Safety Commission reported in 1999, Cloths dryers were responsible for 14,600 related fires, with a loss of $86 million in property damage. Duct-work should be checked for proper material and length.

Call Scott's to have your dryer vent cleaned! Our Certified Dryer pdf.tarikhema.org Exhaust Technicians can prevent a possible fire and improve dry time if its taking longer than normal.

We all lead busy lives. Changing the laundry and leaving your home to run an errand is not uncommon. Give yourself peace of mind that your dryer vent system has been checked, serviced and does not present a hazard to what you cherish most.

*cleanings lasting longer than one hour are prorated

You can reach us at (636) 274-1900 Email us: serviceinfo@scottschimney.com